International University Systems

School of Nutrition

Ser. Juanee Surprise, DC, DACBN
(Clinical Nutrition) Dean

TWO PART CERTIFICATION PROGRAM IN CLINICAL NUTRITION This 300 hour course is intended to meet the eligibility requirements for a health care provider to sit for the International Academy Clinical Nutrition (IACN) board examination given by the World Council on Academy Standards in the Healings Arts (WCASHA).

Series I

Initial 100 Hours (Associate Program) consists of (8) fourteen-hour sessions, offered one weekend each month, for a period of 8 months. Each student who successfully completes the requirements of this series will:

1. receive a Certificate suitable for framing to attest successful completion and
2. becomes eligible to apply to WCASHA for Associate status in the International Academy of Clinical Nutrition (IACN)

Series II

This series is sessions 9 thru 24 of the course. Upon successful completion of Series II, a student with Associate level certification in the IACN and a total of at least 300 clock hours in the Clinical Nutrition Course will:

1. receive a Certificate of suitable for framing to attest successful completion and
2. be eligible to apply to WCASHA to sit for the IACN board examination leading to status as either:
o Diplomate
o Senior Associate
Parts of this course which is dedicated to the introduction of the Laws of Applied Clinical Nutrition are offered as Continuing Education programs in Los Angeles, California, Nampa, Idaho, and in Fort Lauderdale, Tampa and Orlando, Florida.

Why Attend This Program?

Knowledge is power! Increasing numbers of healthcare professional are giving nutrition advice to their patients. You don't want to be left behind.

Patients are looking for credentialed practitioners to help them make important health decisions, including nutrition and lifestyle.

Are you ready to provide one of the most asked for services accurately and in the best, most successful manner for your patients?

Do you know the current practice and risk management issues in nutrition counseling? The instructors for this course have competent educational backgrounds and academic ability and are in private practice. Chosen for their strong clinical background, each of these instructors will be able to help every participant, no matter their current level of clinical nutrition expertise with clinically relevant information on nutrition protocols and patient management.

Improve your "Bottom Line" by providing requested services.


Upon completion of this program, one will have: gained: a comprehensive understanding of applied clinical nutrition. Learn new techniques and methods to be applied to patients and clients first thing on Monday morning. Become board certified in Clinical Nutrition through the International Academy of Clinical Nutrition.

You will provide more services and better care, with reduced legal risks.

All QVIUS programs are designed to integrate and flow into each other which then culminates collectively into a professional degree in Dynamitic Integral Medica, D.I.M. professional credential (D.I.M.) or professional certificate as a Practitioner of Natural Medica P.N.M.