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Introduction to Botanical Medicine

Instructor: Jill E. Stansbury, ND
This eight hour (8) introduction to Botanical Medicine is intended to survey the variety of approaches to the study of this vast discipline. Dr. Stansbury will outline folkloric and energetic models, popular in the study of tradition herbal medicine, modern scientific approaches to the study of medicinal herbs and their chemical constituents. She will mention metaphysical approaches of relating to plants and have a practical discussion of the herbal marketplace, preparation, quality issues, and standardization, followed by a more in-depth and rigorous presentation of 5-6 popular herbal medicines, their chemical constituents, the research, and their clinical usage by physicians. This fast paced survey of approaches to the study of Botanical Medicine shall serve as an overview of topics to be explored in depth in several year long diplomate and fellowship program for allied healthcare professional. Dr. Stansbury is currently Dean of the School of Botanical Medicine for Quantum-Veritas International University Systems.

Diversified Technique Review

Instructors: Thumper Bloomquist, MS., DC. and
Edwin C. Floyd, MS.,DC., DNM

This four (4) hour seminar of Diversified Technique will assist the doctor in understanding the Biomechanics, Anatomical and Physiological aspect of upper and lower extremity adjusting. This class will include the different orthopedic testing and justification for technique.

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