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Continuing Education

(Starting September 2011)


This (4) four part program is intended to assist the practicing physician in their transition away from the traditional western medical practice towards a more dynamic wellness based health care practice.

Wellness 101: Evolution of Medical Thought / Cultural Philosophy

This course is designed to introduce the participants to the evolution of medical thought from animism to fetishism from the belief in the unseen that became the foundation for the philosophy of Vitalism and the belief in that which is seen which formed the foundation of materialisms. The two school of thought: Materialism and Vitalism are now being integrated in a 21st Century health care approach referred to as Complimentary and Alternative Medicine ( CAM).

Wellness 102: Characteristic of Dis-Ease - The Art of Dynamic Interrogation

This course is designed to introduce the participant to the five fundamental characteristic and expression of Dis-Ease, based upon the tenets found within Classical Homeopathy and Oriental Medicine. There is an introduction to the method of extracting a "Wellness Based" case history by means of  dynamic interrogation. A survey of the various ways of addressing Dis-Ease is also explored.

Wellness 103: The Risk of Wellness

This course is designed to offer a comprehensive review of the ominous signs that are often presented by individuals seeking wellness care. In determining the state of health of an individual, it is important that we clearly perceive the threat of the state of health to the individual, their immediate environment and the community at large.

Wellness 104: Introduction to Homeopathy / Healing according to the Laws of Similars

This course is designed to introduce the participants to the Arts, Science and Philosophy of the practice of Classical Homeopathy as outlined by its founder Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. Acute remedies will be introduced that the participant may immediately begin to apply upon the return to their office.

Classes will be held in
Orlando, Tampa, Ft. Lauderdale

Chiropractic and Acupuncture
may satisfy 12 hours of their
Continuing Education requirements
by attending programs offered by the
QVIUS School of Postgraduate &
Continuing Education.
Approved by CE Brokers of Florida.

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