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Ser. EnRico Melson, MD, MPH, FACPM,



The National Institutes of Health (NIH) published a study on Alternative Medicine in the United States. The NIH approached the analysis of this study by dividing the field into 6 separate categories:

1. Diet/Nutrition/Lifestyle Changes
2. Mind/Body Control
3. Traditional and Ethno-Medicine
4. Structural and Energetic Therapies
5. Pharmacologic and Biological Treatments
6. Bio-ElectroMagnetic Applications

There is, however, a common theme which binds the majority of these healing arts/practices together. It is the concept of VITALISM!. 

Vitalists believe that living organisms are more than the sum of their parts and that there is something intangible -- a life force -- an organizing Intelligence/Consciousness, or Inner Wisdom. This Consciousness is present in the longer "function" as a whole unit.

In the Vitalist model, all parts are viewed as interconnected and essential to the well-being of the Whole and the Whole is always part of yet another, greater Whole (body/plant/planet/universe). Disease and suffering are viewed as primarily the natural results of disconnected, misdirected or blocked Vital Force (energy/vibration/information -- not merely Chemistry) which interferes with the body's ability to self-organize, adapt successfully to its external/internal environment, and self-heal. The Physician is viewed primarily as a facilitator of the self-healing and self-organizing abilities of the body. That is, he/she practices Physis -- “the natural restoration or return to order.”

Traditional Healing Arts systems all over the World have been, and are, based upon Vitalistic principles. Not surprisingly, this vital animating force has received different names within various Healing Arts: "Universal/Innate Intelligence" in Chiropractic; "Chi/Qi" in Oriental Medicine; "Prana" in Yoga/Ayurvedic Medicine; “Vital Force” (energy/information) in Homeopathy; and simply "Spirit" in many other Traditional and Indigenous Healing systems.

Chiropractic (especially with the additional emphasis on Natural Healing represented by Chiropractic's connections with Naturopathy) is the world's largest healing system in which students are trained not only in the Vitalistic tradition, but are also educated in the diagnostic aspects of Western/Allopathic Medicine. Therefore, Chiropractors/Naturopaths are well positioned to investigate, correlate, and integrate the Alternative/Complementary Healing practices identified by the NIH, and otherwise.

QUANTUM~VERITAS International University Systems (QVIUS) is not only dedicated to such activities, but also substantially beyond – to the level of what we call the INTEGRAL MEDICA. Our Curriculum, and our Modus Vivendi, comprises the integration of Vitalistic principles with the emerging ideas from Quantum, Chaos and Information theories – as well as with traditional tenets of Materialism present in much of Western Science and Medicine, as relevant.

The Newtonian/Cartesian "world view" emphasizes the separateness and determinacy of all things (particles), that action is strictly "local" (cannot exceed the speed of light), that the Observer/Consciousness is irrelevant, and that everything is reducible to its component parts (Chemistry/Physics explains everything). On the other hand, Quantum Theory suggests an indeterminate "reality" built on: Relationship (wave/particle); the Potentiality for non-local action (transcending time/space limitations); Observer/Consciousness involvement in the manifestation of matter; and the Revelation that the Whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The "QVIUS Way" (as we choose to call it) supports, and is consistent with, the core Vitalistic philosophy (which underpins all of the world's major Healing Arts except institutionalized Allopathic Medicine), along with even the limiting constructs of conventional Newtonian Materialist Allopathy.


Such is Our TRUE Responsibility as Scientists, as Healers, and as Spiritual Beings.

We also recognize that the twenty-first century physician will need the support of allied health paraprofessionals. We are, therefore, developing vocational programs which will offer courses in Botanical Medica, Homeopathy, Meridian Therapy, Nutrition, Massage (Somiatry) and various areas of Indigenous Medica.

The differences between Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Ayurvedic/Yogic, and Osteopathic Medicine is with respect to the "Information Transport System" for the "Life Force" with which each has traditionally identified: Chiropractic = the Nervous System; Acupuncture = the Meridian System; Ayurvedic = the Chakra/Nadis Systems, and Osteopathy = the Circulatory System. And while Allopathy does not speak in terms of “Life Force”, it does utilize its core construct of “Energy”, and identifies such primarily with the BioChemical/ Physiologic System. QVIUS gives great emphasis to the correlations between these respective systems via their integration and separate utilization -- not only as to what is taught, but also as to the Research Programs supported by the Institution. In addition, the School also emphasizes the use of natural and dietary substances for the enhancement of the body's internal environment, for augmenting immunity, aiding prevention, and facilitating cure of many common maladies affecting Humankind.

The use of these substances obviously involves the recognition of the chemical (gross Intelligence level) utility of the substance itself. However, many natural substances can also be utilized therapeutically as Homeopathic remedies. With this approach, natural substances are repeatedly diluted until, in many instances, none of the original chemical substance remains. Organized Allopathic Medicine has argued that there could therefore be no possibility of any benefit from the use of such a substance. A Vitalist, and one following the "QVIUS Way", accepts the fact that Homeopathic remedies are functional modalities. It is hypothesized that the benefit from such Homeopathic remedies derives from the "Energy/Information Imprint" left by the substance, which has been diluted away. The INTEGRAL MEDICA PRACTITIONER also understands that this Energy/ Information Imprint is indeed the subtle Intelligence level expression of the Vital Force itself.

Research and a published dialogue are urgently needed regarding all of these possibilities and their applications in the day-to-day practice of the Healing Arts. QVIUS is focused on being the center for such developments. Of course, the dialogue should include those Allopathic Physicians whose Epistemology and Cosmology will permit their serious consideration of the existing and hereafter developed evidence on these matters.

QUANTUM~VERITAS International University Systems is a dynamic institution and an exciting place to be. Yet, Vitalism has been unjustifiably denigrated in the Western World during the past 100 years. There continue to be pockets of resistance to the ideas expressed here among the Accrediting Agencies that control access to practice in many states. However, this School is dedicated to meeting the Criteria for Accreditation by all other Accrediting Agencies relevant to the best interests of our Students.

We look forward to welcoming you as part of the historic movement underway at QUANTUM~VERITAS International University Systems (QVIUS) and encourage you to join us in what is quickly becoming the most important healing movement of the 21st century -- and into the millennia to come.